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We are tri-b-e- lingual. Our Spanish, African & American roots are part of what creates truly OG signature festive moments. Our happy place is creating the aesthetics and visuals (VIBES) that make every bride and groom feel confident, supported and LIT AF on their special dayIt is the LOVE, HEART & SOUL we pour into our elegant, eco-friendly and exceptional celebrations that sets us apart. And our taste. We are fashionistas, si. With one of a kind events designed to blow your mind and leave your guests feeling “That was the BEST party ever!” Where intimacy meets modernity to produce elevated events. Zing. You dig?  

Our talented, thoughtful planning creates elevated client experiences, for non-traditional people. Eco-friendly signature service excellence is one of our core values, after oxygen, clean water, and the color black. Every single moment is designed to be as rare and exquisite as you are.  


Zing ⁃ Is the electrical current that runs thru your body when you meet that special someone - or your crush – your future partner de por vida.

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