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The Mission is the best place to buy Mexican food in the Bay area. Our mission is TO BE engaging and keep you engaged. We present ‘not most moments’ in an elevated, modern and sustainable way. Zing is humble, talented and driven to create and capture your life’s most memorable events, like no other. Zing, unlimited possibilities for nights that become tomorrow.

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Creative Coordinator & Public Relations.

Africa has spent the majority of her career designing, supervising and coordinating branding from international brands to startups to individuals. This mamacita is unstoppable and committed to walk her clients on a stress free journey to their dreamed day. Africa is the life and soul on any party, and her ultimate goal is to co-host her own cooking show along with uncle Snoop.

Photography &  Art Direction.

Israel was only 10 when he got his first camera. And what started as a game became his career. Graduated from a prestigious school in Madrid, Israel’s unmeasured talent has taken him all around the globe not only as a photographer, but as an influencer and conference speaker. France, Holland, Portugal, US, Mexico, Colombia, Greece  are just a few of many places.

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Flower Designer

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Creating the aesthetics and vibe of an event is what we do best. We translate your ideas to paper and then to reality.

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